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​If you are seeing this page, then you are a very important person.

You have made the decision to support your local economy, to find local businesses, and to find the coolest and most unique places to spend your money in Fort Worth.

We say "Keep Fort Worth Funky" because we want to preserve what is unique about what the locals call "Funkytown".

We do not want our city to look like a corporate and chain amusement park like so many other cities are becoming.

It's the whole reason that we leave our home city is to experience something different. What's the point of leaving if every city has the same strip mall options to eat, drink, and shop in? It's called the "Homogenization of America" and we won't stand for it!

We have an amazing community of artists, museums, entrepreneurs, and musicians and our mission is to highlight them. 

Fort Worth is well known for Cowboys and the "Wild West" culture.

It's our history and heritage.

The stockyards and our "big city with a small town attitude" is why people come here. We are one of the most laid back and family friendly cities in the country.

What people are finding out is that we are also home to some of the most talented artists, musicians, actors, chefs, and entrepreneurs in the country.

We have world class museums, zoo, restaurants, theaters, and a growing population of forward thinking citizens that would rival Austin or Portland.

Bike friendly roads.

 Miles of hiking and bike trails, one of the main ones running along the great Trinity River.

A diverse mix of populations with TCU, Rodeos, Cliburn, Bass Hall, African American and Hispanic American Heritage groups and influences, as well as a young population of urban farmers and sustainable living activists.

We have it all here in Funkytown!  

What are you looking for?

Local Music?

Local Breweries?

Local Restaurants?

Local Shopping?

Local Museums?

Local Theaters?

Local Lodging?

Local Bike groups?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Here's how you become a local:

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So, you plan on visiting Fort Worth and you want to find what,s hot in the local scene? 

You have family or friends coming in and you want to take them out for a fun night of food and music or theater?

Or, you just moved to the metroplex and you want to get involved with the local community. 

You have come to the right place!

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